A new year, a new season, a new group of anime to praise or mock! These are the shows I’ll be watching and my thoughts and predictions for how they’ll turn out. Ranked by my expectations. Advertisements

One dilemma an anime fan faces every new season is determining what shows to watch. Invariably every person will group (subconsciously or not) each show into one of two categories: 1. interesting, or 2. not interesting. The criteria to arbitrate this is of course widely subjective.

Life and happiness. What else?!

Look at this tangle of thorns.

At an era of economic and industrial stagnation, the samurai spirit faces a period of decadence. Virtue is sacrificed in favor of self-aggrandization, self-worth, and personal survival. This is the Tokugawa era, where man must scrounge for the next scrap of food by offering up his dignity in return.

I realize I’m outstandingly bad at completing seasonal thoughts on time, but as per usual it can’t be helped. Several shows have already aired (some extremely disappointing and others a dainty surprise), but they will not affect this write-up, which was written having seen nothing from the season.

Has anyone else seen that IKEA commercial where…