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Episodic Blogging: What They (Don’t) Do Well

Anyone who’s had a hand in editorial blogging before recognizes the difficulty of coming up with something interesting to say on a regular basis. In fact, here in my weekly struggle contemplating what the heck I should write about, I gave up and figured, “well, why not write about other people trying to write?”.


The “It’s not worth my time”/”I don’t have the time” response

One dilemma an anime fan faces every new season is determining what shows to watch. Invariably every person will group (subconsciously or not) each show into one of two categories: 1. interesting, or 2. not interesting. The criteria to arbitrate this is of course widely subjective.

The Road to Fanfiction

Life and happiness. What else?!

Why Pretentious Writing is Pretentious

At some point in your life, you encounter the most insipid arguments defending a particular stance.