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Episodic Blogging: What They (Don’t) Do Well

Anyone who’s had a hand in editorial blogging before recognizes the difficulty of coming up with something interesting to say on a regular basis. In fact, here in my weekly struggle contemplating what the heck I should write about, I gave up and figured, “well, why not write about other people trying to write?”.


Acquiring Nihongo – Wall #1: Kana

The rocket to the moon has launched! In less obtuse opaque words, I’ve decided to log my journey to learn Japanese, partially so that it could be helpful and/or motivating to others aiming to do the same; also, partially for personal reasons so that I can reflect on my language acquisition skills and consider what […]

The Road to Fanfiction

Life and happiness. What else?!

What? Reviews on MyAnimeList? Hah!

This is why I will never post a review on MAL again.

An Up-to-Date List of Good MAL Reviewers

Anyone who’s watched enough anime has at one point googled the word or somehow otherwise found MyAnimeList, the current de facto conglomerate for anime ratings, lists, reviews, and what have you.