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An Official Farewell

dot dot dot


Derp Town

Has anyone else seen that IKEA commercial where…

On the Road – The Hipster Bible

Ever wanted to travel across America with nothing but a leather jacket, cheap pack of cigs, distressed jeans, and an equally cheap gang of Hardy Boys? Well, now you no longer need to when you just need to read this book.

What? Reviews on MyAnimeList? Hah!

This is why I will never post a review on MAL again.

Site Redesign and Content Overhaul!

So I’ve revamped the whole blog, particularly because I finally finished some site-related tasks that I kept putting off.

I could have died!

Yes, yes, an awfully long break for a “finals & stuff” excuse. Well, should anyone consistently read this blog, I’ll likely come up with regular posts as per usual. Reviewing episodes is boring but easy, so I’ll continue to do it for a while until I can come up with more substantive things to say. […]