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A Discourse on Why Book Girl Redeems Aku no Hana

Anyone who knows me is aware that I consider Aku no Hana as junk food. It is mindblowingly entertaining because of all its absurdities and complete lack of a foundation, but it is ultimately unsubstantial and unstimulating.


Aku no Hana – Why Decent Direction Can’t Make Up for Atrocious Writing

Watching Aku no Hana is what I imagine it would be like as a one-time hooker.

Aku no Hana 02 – Despair with the Devil

This episode of Aku no Hana tells its tale in a more conventional style than the previous. And despite some hiccups with the rotoscoping, it manages to work its wonders yet again.

On rotoscoping, subtler details, and Aku no Hana

Now here’s a show bound to garner a mixed reception: controversial implementations of rotoscoping, one of the slowest paced premieres in all of anime, terribly eerie music, minimal characterization, and very very few occurring events. Given the anime community’s drawn attention (no pun intended) towards the rotoscoping, I’ll be addressing this issue here.