What’s this blog about?

nil (also my pen name) is a blog which collects my opinions on anime topical issues—whether they be narrative or art elements in a work, the industry, the community, the various subcultures, or more rarely, anime title or episodic reviews.

To get acquainted with the site and its general style, I recommend reading some of these articles:
How often do you write?

I follow no schedule and write whenever I feel like it. This can come down to as frequently as twice a day to as rarely as once a month. Usually, it’ll be around once a week, but don’t hold me to that. Responsibility (and forthcoming laziness) is the bane of all bloggers.

Navigation. What do?

Nnavigating this blog should be a fairly intuitive experience, but let me mention what may or may not be trivial. Categories are organized in the following sense:

  • [Year]: This is the year that a work starts in (not finishes in), followed by subcategories of individual anime titles.
  • casualshit: Personal articles and miscellaneous info usually pertaining to the blog.
  • Community: On the English (or Japanese) anime community, otakudom, anime blogs, anime sites, fansubs, etc.
  • Industry: General industry changes, individual studio write-ups, directors, seiyuus, animators, and writers.
  • Meta-writing: Anything on the act of writing itself, such as unfair arguments commonly perpetuated along the internet.
  • Reviews: In-depth coverage of particular titles, whether they be specific episodes or the entire work in some medium (Anime, Manga, Visual Novel, etc.).
  • Seasonal Thoughts: Seasonal…Thoughts.
  • Story Elements: Any particular characteristic deserving special mention in a work or multiple works, whether they be the ensemble, themes, artwork, music, or what else have you.

Tags are used for scores, studios, relevant industry peeps, and obtuse nonsense.

Why do you rate things so low and/or hate anime?

No, I don’t hate anime. I prefer using 5 as a mean average, and where the majority of titles thus fall between 4 (poor) and 6 (good). This allows one to provide the most variable detail to exceptional anime: rating a title 9 or 10 out of 10 means a lot more when it is awarded to fewer works. To me, clustering all ratings around 7 is a bit silly because you’re not even using anything below 5 correctly.

What’s with the blogroll?

My blogroll is partial to editorials and rarely, the good review blog. I share a distate toward episodic blogs as well as bloggers who self-insert into any possible element of a story. It’s not that I think those blogs are bad, but their service is not oriented to what I personally find appealing. The number of insightful reviews and editorials is suprisingly little in the aniblog community—most likely a result of blogs being an easy podium for one person to talk at people rather than to people—and my blogroll is a testament against that. It is mine own compilation of bloggers who I believe write strongly perceptive articles, a treasure in a lost sea if you will.

You’re a swell guy. How do I contact you for random chichat?

For a limited time offer, I provide free insults about your mother on my MyAnimeList page.

What’s the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?

Shut up.