Winter 2014 Musings

A new year, a new season, a new group of anime to praise or mock! These are the shows I’ll be watching and my thoughts and predictions for how they’ll turn out. Ranked by my expectations.

2. Nisekoi

Studio: SHAFT


I read the manga. It’s terrible, but it’s terrible in the fun-loving cliche of enjoying a brewed cup of romcom, farcical humor, and an adorably one-dimensional cast in the afternoon. Yes, like other anime fans I share a fatal flaw, and that is that I enjoy cookie cutter high school romcoms. This is quite literally what you should expect from Nisekoi. The tropes will be flying out at Mach-5 from the very premiere, and its also this humor that I somewhat enjoy. I’m also watching the anime because I’m curious what SHAFT will do with such a generic title, i.e., play it straight for money grubbing intents or toss stylistic additions in order to improve its source a la Denpa Onna style? Well, having seen the PV and knowing the core insipidity of the plot, it’s very likely going to be the former. Cheers to SHAFT’s Toradora!

Predicted Score: Bad (4/10)

1. Space Dandy

Studio: Bones


Being the only anime I’m seriously interested in this season, I have extraordinarily high expectations of Shinichiro Watanabe. Without more information on the premise, however, I can’t say I’m very impressed with its premise, its characters, or its studio. The PV and Toonami hype make its demographic choice seem a wary choice, as this may cause its story to be too simple and too outlandish. It’s also hard to know what to expect out of such a carefree work as this one. Honestly, if it were directed by any other name I wouldn’t be watching it, and neither would most of /a/.

Predicted Score: Good (6/10)


Hah! You thought this watchlist would be longer didn’t you? Well thanks to the amazingly few titles that are even discussion worthy this season, we all know this winter is going to be like the last’s: extremely extremely slow. As for the others, no way am I going to watch another season of Chuunibyou; Gin no Saji S2 is fine but I don’t expect very much out of its underwhelming Food Network story. Unfortunately, the paltry word count in this article is indicative of how much there is to say about this upcoming season. At least it gives you time to catch up on your backlog.

Well, who cares about how bad winter is when we get a Mushishi special, am I right!? Thank god Nagahama decided to do this instead of another season of Aku no Hana. I am ecstatic to see one of the best atmospheric and dramatic works of all time (and one of my personal favorites) to continue for just another hour. Too bad it is only for just another hour.


  1. This season’s pretty bad. Nisekoi is with inevitable failure and Space Dandy with BIZZAARE overload. Though I’m more confident about the former than the latter. You should do more posts on Space Dandy if it does ever get more exciting.

    Hopefully next season (what with Mushishi, PingPong and whatnot) will be better.

    1. Nisekoi is bad in even more ways than I expected, because SHAFT’s additions are tamer than what they normally do. Maybe this is unsurprising since the majority watching the show are in fact looking for a lame romcom, so SHAFT’s gotta appeal to that majority. :\

      Oh for sure. While I’m unimpressed with Space Dandy so far, remnants of Shinichiro Watanabe’s genius are still scattered in bits and pieces (mostly just the animation and music), so it’s the only Winter show I’ll stick with this season.

      Mushishi, Ping Pong, JoJo, (and maybe Precure??) are definite winners next season, so it’ll be infinitely better than this one which has none.


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