Site Redesign and Content Overhaul!

So I’ve revamped the whole blog, particularly because I finally finished some site-related tasks that I kept putting off. What made me finally succumb to completing them came from a whim, really, from several different conversations I recently had pertaining to blogs in general.

In particular, what this entails is an entirely new site design, better category and tag organization, and more focused aims on what this blog is for. I had some key complaints about the previous WordPress Theme (Depo Masthead), e.g., the fat typeface and font size, lack of background complexity, and dumb javascript in the comments section. I’ve moved over to a more conventional 2-column layout, but I think it suits the content well without getting crazy (while I do love me some abstract themes, functionality is king).

I’ve also added an F.A.Q. page at the top, so if you’re bored enough to look over more precise things that have changed, particularly my content goals, then feel free to look that over. In short, future material will feature little to no episodics, and will heavily concentrate on story elements, community things, and particular arguments commonly used in criticisms (anime or otherwise).


  1. Needs more garish fabulous pink.

    1. Unfortunately, I’m too unrefined in dealing with such exquisite colors.


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