Tamako Market 01, 02, 04

Tamako Market Episode 1 Discussion: STORY: (7-8/10)

The story is pretty cute and interesting, and I like how it doesn’t stick with a trite mochi vs mochi shop premise as the main plot here. Or the fact that the show doesn’t revolve entirely around the school, focusing on family values instead. It’s cute and the comedy is pretty decent too. The fact that we’re sort of thrown into the middle of the story is definitely pretty interesting as well, given that the last two KyoAni shows (Hyouka and Chuunibyou) focused on a male lead tossed into a new school year and meeting some moe girls; K-On! did a very similar thing.

It doesn’t seem like it will focus entirely on a romance or some nasty drama like what Chuunibyou tried to pull, and being light-hearted in its moe-ness is definitely what I look forward to in this show.

The characters are all pretty likeable for the most part, and I do like how they incorporate a more diverse cast than K-On!, where we now have a family and a guy friend. But what holds this back hugely in my opinion is the ANNOYING penguin. MY GOD can’t he shut up. And given his premise, we’ll only see more of him.

KyoAni visuals are great as usual, but they seem to falter in comparison to other recent KyoAni shows like Chuunibyou or Hyouka. The soundtrack is decent and the seiyuus do a great job also.

Score: Great (7/10)

Tamako Market Episode 2 Discussion: Ugh, the moe felt too forced and while the story was less random than the first episode, it practically shifted focus to a holiday event and to another character, which is a bit odd for a second episode. All in all, I don’t think this episode really did anything, and while I guess that’s the point of slice of life shows, it felt more like a holiday special than an episode made to develop the series/characters. The whole Midori/Tamako thing reminds me way too much of Ritsu/Mio’s, and given KyoAni’s reputation of playing it safe, I can almost guarantee that it will end in the very same manner.

Score: Okay (5/10)

Tamako Market Episode 4 Discussion: I really like these episodes which just depict a day progressing and its follow-up events. We don’t need a budding romance, vast amounts of character development, some mochi vs mochi battle, or even some high school club to portray what a slice of life is all about – living and interacting in normal, mundane situations. Everything here just felt natural, and I didn’t think much of the moe fanservice this time around was all that forced. Truly my favorite episode so far.

Score: Great (7/10)


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