Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 02, 05

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 2 Discussion: I’m a fan of the romance that this show is trying to focus on, but I have my doubts on whether it’s working. While Maou has a distinguished and very admirable personality, Yuusha hasn’t really done anything to stand apart from generic self-insert heroes.

The only thing he’s known for at the moment is his (albeit foolish) chivalry and compassion to save everyone, which isn’t anything original. And unlike Spice & Wolf, Yuusha doesn’t seem to have anything interesting about him that would cause the couple to even fall in love with each other. Granted, S&W is focused entirely on a duo so MMY will likely never be as good of a romance considering that it focuses on fantasy/government issues as well. However, we should at least be given some reason for why the two even like each other. Hopefully the later episodes will start to flesh-out the two.

On a plus, there’s less crude fanservice, a stronger direction towards a more light-hearted, intellectual atmosphere, and I like how we’re already starting off with a kindling pseudo-relationship. I can only hope that the characters will develop as strongly as the plot is.

Score: Okay (5/10)

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 5 Discussion: I have a bunch of complaints about this show which really pull the series down from even being marginally good, but let me talk here about my biggest issue – the artificial and awfully contrived romance.

First, there’s little to no character development regarding either of the two, and so we have absolutely no reason to even care for their romance. Other than for superficial aesthetics (the blatant fanservice here being an issue in and of itself) and terrible cliches, we don’t see the romance ever build into anything palpable. Moreover, we’re taken into a 1-year time lapse where they NEVER speak to each other save for Yuusha’s intermittent letter reports. Why? Because Yuusha doesn’t feel like it; if we’re talking about fan hatred for lack of self-confident characters here, Yuusha could take one of the top spots. An entire year passes by, and then they interact with each other all normally as if it was only a week apart. What the fuck Arms? Is the source material really that bad? What’s with such blatant time jump plot devices if you’re not going to even use them properly? Seriously, that’s almost SAO bad.

My ranting aside, I really was hoping that all these compounding issues would be resolved in future episodes, but with almost the 1/2 mark approaching, it doesn’t seem very likely they’ll ever be. I’m still enjoying this show merely because of the production values and the remarkable cast of seiyuus, but that all the more adds to my disappointment with the series’ execution in polar opposites with its grand potential.

Score: Poor (4/10)


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