Kotoura-san 02

Kotoura-san Episode 2 Discussion: Kotoura’s drama is the only thing really pulling the show from the rock bottom. Taking that aside, the overall mind-reading pervert comedy is generic, the MC is your typical clueless ordinary pervert who gets all the girls, and everyone else’s drama is quite forced given the extremely limited air time issued for them (perhaps less than 30 seconds for the second girl in the love triangle’s backstory). The supporting ensemble from the ESP club don’t seem very interesting, nor did I find that girl’s mother ESP problems that well-executed.

As such, the show seems to heavily victimize Kotoura in favor of setting everyone else as heartless monsters. I don’t really find this all that interesting and while I thought the first half of E01’s drama well-done, this one felt far more forced.

Score: Awful (3/10)


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