Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko 04


A very nice slice of life episode overall. Some extra characterization is brought together and we get a very warm resolution with all the pseudo-conflicts. Some would argue that nothing really happens, but isn’t that the point of (most) slices of life anyways? It’s less about the literal adventure than the introspection and learning process themselves. And here, I thought it was quite enjoyable as it brought some decent characterization to the characters and how they’re slowly being developed past one-dimensional archetypes.

I should also note how intriguing the ‘adolescence points’ philosophy is. It takes a quirky yet awfully true approach at nostalgia, with the aim to build key moments in life. Simple yet awfully deep philosophies really flesh-out main leads a lot, and make them extremely likeable as a whole. I am reminded of Oreki from Hyouka, as they both hold the same theme in their philosophies: off-kilter, eccentric, and yet ringing awfully close to home.

Moreover, it’s actually quite remarkable how fleshed-out Makoto’s becoming when one may have expected a generic self-insert. Needless, to say, I came into Denpa Onna with the thought that it would be exactly like Arakawa Under the Bridge: a very quirky premise, some decent comedy once in a while, a brooding and yet inconclusive romance, and a massive lack of development. In other words, SHAFT’s formula of an eccentrically alluring premise followed by “It doesn’t fucking go anywhere.”

Harem-building at its finest.

Harem-building at its finest.

On the other hand, the harem-building is getting a bit boring and a bit unnecessary in an otherwise quirky yet somewhat soothing series. The series could definitely do with one or two more guy friends, and while I’m criticizing the harem scenario, I must at least mention that the haremettes aren’t actually all that bad. While they’re still pretty one-dimensional (one enthusiastic girl and one weird cosplay girl), they still have their moments – whether it be in the subtler dialogue or general quirkiness.

Score: Great (7/10)


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